We are one of the gaming centers in Finland, with focus on developing local gaming community and business strategies. Turku Game Hub (the Hive) is a shared space for startups and established gaming companies in South-West Finland with headquarters in Turku. We are located in Kupittaa area, part of Turku where major IT and business development take place.

Through our network and partnerships with Finnish and international experts from gaming industry, educational institutions and public sector we offer solutions and necessary tools for game development teams to grow their business according to their specific strategies. For professional growth we are offering workshops and coaching sessions (classes, workshops, seminars with focus on business development and marketing; internationalization and finding the right partners globally) that can benefit both hobbyists and professional developers. These workshops and coaching are done by visiting scholars, business experts and veterans of the gaming industry.

What you can find at Hive:

  • Event organizing (casual gaming events and hangouts, bizdev events and coaching, workshops, seminars)
  • Game business consulting, coaching, support in growth strategies
  • PR and marketing through our wide network of partnerships

Our incredibly talented teams and collaborators can help you with some more concrete services, which we encourage you to learn more about at COMPANIES and PARTNERS pages:

  • Front and back end systems
  • Mobile and web applications
  • Gamification
  • Serious games (education, healthcare, wellbeing)
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality development and mocap studio services
  • UI and UX design
  • 2D graphics and animations
  • 3D graphics and animations
  • Audio and sound design
  • Game narratives and interactive storytelling

Besides supporting our members and partners in growing the game business cluster, we love gamers and game development enthusiasts! That is why Hive is organizing game jams, board game events and LAN parties. Check out our EVENTS page for more information about upcoming events and how to participate.

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