HIVE is a game business cluster in South-West Finland that provides various open events and meetups, seminars and workshops with companies, educational partners, students and public sector representatives that aim to provide new co-business opportunities and place of continuous learning! At Hive, you can benefit from our community-driven and collaborative network of experts who are there to mentor and guide your ideas and bring necessary support in achieving international growth. Our services aim to build a solid platform for collaboration between games industry startups and more established companies, research and public sector professionals.

What you can find at Hive:

  • FREE to attend events (casual gaming events and meetups , bizdev events and coaching, workshops, seminars)
  • Game business consulting, coaching, support in growth strategies
  • PR and marketing through our wide network of partnerships
  • Internationalization and outreach support

Besides supporting our members and partners in growing the game business cluster, we love gamers and game development enthusiasts! That is why Hive is organizing game jams, board game events and LAN parties. Check out our EVENTS page for more information about upcoming events and how to participate.

Special partner: Turun Teknologiakiinteist√∂t