Hive – Turku Game Hub is a non-profit organization supporting local and nation-wide game development community, with fully volunteer-based team led by established industry professionals. Our focus is to create sustainable network and community of game development professionals, enhancing the business growth and inclusive environment for personal career development.

Why to become a member of HIVE?

By becoming a member, you are helping us as a non-profit association to develop the programs, organize events and run projects that support the game developers in the region. We are active members in Finnish games industry ecosystem by efficient contributions in the national and international activities in both private and public sectors.

Type of Memberships


Our corporate membership allows you to support your business development and team members in their professional development! Enrolling to our corporate program, your team will receive networking opportunities, exposure and exclusive support for your business strategies.

  • Free job postings
  • Discounts on partnering events
  • Featuring in our network


Become part of the community! Connect with the fellow-minded people who share passion and knowledge on game development and gaming. By becoming a member, you get access to the network of peers and mentors that will enhance your career development.

  • Discounts – discounts on the events organized by HIVE and our partners
  • Boost career in game development
  • Get access to job postings


As an educational institution, we are here to help your staff and students with networking opportunities, enabling students to step into the industry with their first work practices, mentoring and exclusive learning material by the peers from the industry.