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Over 7 Hills

Game business conference in Turku on September 7, 2022 at ICT Talo and Joki.

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Bi-weekly Board Game Nights

After many months of having a pause in organizing our beloved events due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are organizing once again board games nights at Hive – Turku Game Hub!

The events will take place every second Wednesday, starting from March 23rd from 16:00, feel free to bring own games even that we always have dozens of games available for variety of tastes and preferences.

NOTE: as pandemic is not over, we wish to remind you that every social interaction brings a risk of exposure to the virus. Hive – Turku Game Hub is following laws and regulations by the Finnish government and wish to highlight the importance of sharing the awareness about the possible risks. If you are not feeling well (by any means), please do not attend the event until you are back to full health.

IMPORTANT INFO: these gaming events are open for everyone and no previous gaming experience is required, there are so many games that we have to offer (also everyone is free to bring own favorite games along) that are perfect for beginners and those who just wish to try out some of the games they previously wanted! There is also no force to play any game if you just want to join your friends and watch some of the gameplays, you are more than welcome to do so.